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10th Doctor in Doctor Who

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David Tennant - Black Comedy(1998)

Happy Birthday Martin Freeman!

Tenth Doctor

Another one of this :)

Gracepoint - Detective Emmett Carver

Happy Tennant Tuesday!
한국은 이미 화요일 된 지 5시간이나 지났지롱 :3

Happy Tennant Tuesday!
한국은 이미 화요일 된 지 5시간이나 지났지롱 :3

Peter and Jenna in Korea

Radiotimes TV Champion 2014’s winner is David Tennant



Webcomic - Broadchurch x Blackpool (2)

Webcomic - Broadchurch x Blackpool (1)

11th Doctor’s TARDIS


Just started rewatching Broadchurch. Really loved it the first time around and it almost feels even better now on the second watch! So much so that fan art had to be made

Also I got the girlfriend, Lyriumnug, to consult me on the colors. Thanks! <3